Swords are some of most popular weapons, used by any vocation (and even by non-vocation). Swords are the most balanced weapons for attack and defense, having no severe drawbacks or great advantages in either area.

Although many players use two-handed swords because of their high attack and also high defense, if you have more than one monster attacking you, you will lose much more hitpoints than you would if you used a shield and sword. Stronger two-handed swords also tend to weigh quite a bit even more than some club and axe weapons.

Name Image ID
Assassin Dagger Assassin_Dagger.gif 7404
Berserker Berserker.gif 7403
Blacksteel Sword Blacksteel_Sword.gif 7406
Bloody Edge Bloody_Edge.gif 7416
Bone Sword Bone_Sword.gif 3338
Bright Sword Bright_Sword.gif 3295
Broadsword Broadsword.gif 3301
Carlin Sword Carlin_Sword.gif 3283
Combat Knife Combat_Knife.gif 3292
Crimson Sword Crimson_Sword.gif 860
Crystal Sword Crystal_Sword.gif 7449
Dagger Dagger.gif 3267
Demonrage Sword Demonrage_Sword.gif 7382
Djinn Blade Djinn_Blade.gif 3339
Dragon Slayer Dragon_Slayer.gif 7402
Earth Blacksteel Sword Earth_Blacksteel_Sword.gif 782
Earth Dragon Slayer Earth_Dragon_Slayer.gif 783
Earth Mystic Blade Earth_Mystic_Blade.gif 781
Earth Relic Sword Earth_Relic_Sword.gif 780
Earth Spike Sword Earth_Spike_Sword.gif 779
Emerald Sword Emerald_Sword.gif 8102
Energy Blacksteel Sword Energy_Blacksteel_Sword.gif 797
Energy Dragon Slayer Energy_Dragon_Slayer.gif 798
Energy Mystic Blade Energy_Mystic_Blade.gif 796
Energy Relic Sword Energy_Relic_Sword.gif 795
Energy Spike Sword Energy_Spike_Sword.gif 794
Epee Epee.gif 3326
Farmer's Avenger Farmer%27s_Avenger.gif 0
Fiery Blacksteel Sword Fiery_Blacksteel_Sword.gif 663
Fiery Dragon Slayer Fiery_Dragon_Slayer.gif 664
Fiery Mystic Blade Fiery_Mystic_Blade.gif 662
Fiery Relic Sword Fiery_Relic_Sword.gif 661
Fiery Spike Sword Fiery_Spike_Sword.gif 660
Fire Sword Fire_Sword.gif 3280
Giant Sword Giant_Sword.gif 3281
Haunted Blade Haunted_Blade.gif 7407
Havoc Blade Havoc_Blade.gif 7405
Heavy Machete Heavy_Machete.gif 3340
Ice Rapier Ice_Rapier.gif 3284
Icy Blacksteel Sword Icy_Blacksteel_Sword.gif 682
Icy Dragon Slayer Icy_Dragon_Slayer.gif 683
Icy Mystic Blade Icy_Mystic_Blade.gif 681
Icy Relic Sword Icy_Relic_Sword.gif 680
Icy Spike Sword Icy_Relic_Sword.gif 679
Incredible Mumpiz Slayer Incredible_Mumpiz_Slayer.gif 0
Jagged Sword Jagged_Sword.gif 7774
Katana Katana.gif 3300
Knife Knife.gif 3291
Longsword Longsword.gif 3285
Machete Machete.gif 3308
Magic Sword Magic_Sword.gif 3288
Mercenary Sword Mercenary_Sword.gif 7386
Mystic Blade Mystic_Blade.gif 7384
Nightmare Blade Nightmare_Blade.gif 7418
Pharaoh Sword Pharaoh_Sword.gif 3334
Poet's Fencing Quill Poet%27s_Fencing_Quill.gif 0
Pointed Rabbitslayer Pointed_Rabbitslayer.gif 0
Poison Dagger Poison_Dagger.gif 3299
Rapier Rapier.gif 3272
Relic Sword Relic_Sword.gif 7383
Ron the Ripper's Sabre Ron_the_Ripper%27s_Sabre.gif 6101
Runed Sword Runed_Sword.gif 7417
Sabre Sabre.gif 3273
Scimitar Scimitar.gif 3307
Serpent Sword Serpent_Sword.gif 3297
Short Sword Short_Sword.gif 3294
Silver Dagger Silver_Dagger.gif 3290
Spike Sword Spike_Sword.gif 3271
Sword Sword.gif 3264
Templar Scytheblade Templar_Scytheblade.gif 3345
Thaian Sword Thaian_Sword.gif 7391
The Avenger The_Avenger.gif 6527
The Justice Seeker The_Justice_Seeker.gif 7390
Twin Hooks Twin_Hooks.gif 10392
Two Handed Sword Two_Handed_Sword.gif 3265
Wyvern Fang Wyvern_Fang.gif 7408
Zaoan Sword Zaoan_Sword.gif 10390