Rods are used only by druids. They deal damage and use a small amount of mana. Sorcerers cannot use rods; they use wandsinstead.

Rods are One-Handed so they can be used together with a shield, and they fire every turn.

Unlike normal weapons these weapons can fire at distance beyond the user.

Rods cause Death, Earth or Ice damage depending upon which rod is used. A benefit of this is that every hit causes damage, and the damage is not mitigated by the creature's armor. The drawback is that some creatures are immune to these types of damage.

Name Image ID
Hailstorm Rod Hailstorm_Rod.gif 3067
Moonlight Rod Moonlight_Rod.gif 3070
Necrotic Rod Necrotic_Rod.gif 3069
Northwind Rod Northwind_Rod.gif 8083
Snakebite Rod Snakebite_Rod.gif 3066
Springsprout Rod Springsprout_Rod.gif 8084
Terra Rod Terra_Rod.gif 3065
Underworld Rod Underworld_Rod.gif 8082