/Liquids all have different properties and appearances (though some look similar to eachother). Some liquids are benign (have no effect), some are helpful (regain life, regain mana, fuel lamp), and others may be harmful (poison). All oz varies depending upon the container used.

Name Image ID
Antidote Potion Antidote_Potion.gif 7644
Beer Beer.gif 0
Berserk Potion Berserk_Potion.gif 7439
Blood Blood.gif 0
Bottle of Bug Milk Bottle_of_Bug_Milk.gif 0
Bullseye Potion Bullseye_Potion.gif 7443
Coconut Milk Coconut_Milk.gif 0
Concentrated Demonic Blood Concentrated_Demonic_Blood.gif 6558
Flask with Beaver Bait Flask_with_Beaver_Bait.gif 0
Fruit Juice Fruit_Juice.gif 0
Great Health Potion Great_Health_Potion.gif 239
Great Mana Potion Great_Mana_Potion.gif 238
Great Spirit Potion Great_Spirit_Potion.gif 7642
Health Potion Health_Potion.gif 266
Lemonade Lemonade.gif 107
Lifefluid Lifefluid.gif 0
Magical Oil Magical_Oil.gif 0
Mana Potion Mana_Potion.gif 268
Manafluid Manafluid.gif 0
Mastermind Potion Mastermind_Potion.gif 7440
Mead Mead.gif 0
Milk Milk.gif 0
Mud Mud.gif 0
Oil Oil.gif 0
Rum Rum.gif 0
Rust Remover Rust_Remover.gif 9016
Slime (Liquid) Slime_%28Liquid%29.gif 135
Small Health Potion Small_Health_Potion.gif 7876
Strong Health Potion Strong_Health_Potion.gif 236
Strong Mana Potion Strong_Mana_Potion.gif 237
Tea Tea.gif 0
Ultimate Health Potion Ultimate_Health_Potion.gif 7643
Urine Urine.gif 0
Water (Liquid) Water_%28Liquid%29.gif 0
Wine Wine.gif 0