This is a growing list of of all items that can be found in Tibia. Since there are so many items with many different purposes, this list has been separated into different categories. All categories are with in working to get ALL of these IDs.

Body Equipament

These items provide varying levels of protection from enemy attacks, and sometimes lessen certain types of attacks. You are allowed to wear one of each type of armor at one time. A complete set of armor will include a Helmet, a Shield, an Armor, Boots and Legs.

Demon_Helmet.gif Helmets

Demon_Armor.gif Armors Fiery_Rainbow_Shield.gif Shields

Demon_Legs.gif Legs Spellbook_of_Dark_Mysteries.gif Spellbooks

Firewalker_Boots.gif Boots


No player is complete without a trusty weapon to aid them in their adventures. Some weapons can be used while holding a shield, but other weapons require two hands in order to use.

Axe.gif Axe Weapons Club.gif Club Weapons Sword.gif Sword Weapons

Hailstorm_Rod.gif Rods Wand_of_Inferno.gif Wands

Infernalbolt.gif Ammunition Arbalest.gif Distance Weapons

Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink

Tibia is a world full of various plants and herbs. There is also a large range of food items that are harvested from the land, made by the different races, or collected from dead creatures. Visit your local pub for something cold and refreshing!

Health_Potion.gif Liquids Hydra_Head.gif Creature Products

Dragon Ham

Tools and other Equipment

There are many kinds of equipment other than weapons and armor. Every Tibian should be prepared to face the many dangers that can be found around every corner

Sacred_Tree_Amulet.gif Amulets and Necklaces