Helmets are the second important item in Equipment. They provide less defence than Armors, but helmets are cheaper and more common than Legs with the same armor value.

Most low-level Players use Soldier Helmet, middle-levels Warrior Helmet or Crown Helmet (especially mages because of it's low weight) and high-levels use Royal Helmet or Demon Helmet which is part of Rare Set.

The strongest helmet is the Golden Helmet, also known as the Helmet of The Stars (HOTS).

The strongest helmet in Rookgaard, the newbie island, is the Legion Helmet.

Name Image ID
Amazon Helmet Amazon_Helmet.gif 3393
Ancient Tiara Ancient_Tiara.gif 3022
Bandana Bandana.gif 5917
Batwing Hat Batwing_Hat.gif 9103
Beholder Helmet Beholder_Helmet.gif 3408
Brass Helmet Brass_Helmet.gif 3354
Chain Helmet Chain_Helmet.gif 3352
Charmer's Tiara Charmer%27s_Tiara.gif 3407
Crown Helmet Crown_Helmet.gif 3385
Crusader Helmet Crusader_Helmet.gif 3391
Damaged Helmet Damaged_Helmet.gif 0
Damaged Steel Helmet Damaged_Steel_Helmet.gif 0
Dark Helmet Dark_Helmet.gif 3384
Demon Helmet Demon_Helmet.gif 3387
Devil Helmet Devil_Helmet.gif 3356
Dragon Scale Helmet Dragon_Scale_Helmet.gif 3400
Dwarven Helmet Dwarven_Helmet.gif 3396
Feather Headdress Feather_Headdress.gif 3406
Ferumbras' Hat Ferumbras%27_Hat.gif 5903
Flower Wreath Flower_Wreath.gif 0
Full Helmet of the Ancients Full_Helmet_of_the_Ancients.gif 3230
Glacier Mask Glacier_Mask.gif 829
Golden Helmet Golden_Helmet.gif 3365
Hat of the Mad Hat_of_the_Mad.gif 3573
Helmet of Nature Helmet_of_Nature.gif 0
Helmet of Ultimate Terror Helmet_of_Ultimate_Terror.gif 0
Helmet of the Ancients Helmet_of_the_Ancients.gif 3229
Helmet of the Deep Helmet_of_the_Deep.gif 5460
Horned Helmet Horned_Helmet.gif 3390
Horseman Helmet Horseman_Helmet.gif 3405
Iron Helmet Iron_Helmet.gif 3353
Jade Hat Jade_Hat.gif 10451
Jester Hat Jester_Hat.gif 894
Krimhorn Helmet Krimhorn_Helmet.gif 7461
Leather Helmet Leather_Helmet.gif 3355
Legion Helmet Legion_Helmet.gif 3374
Lightning Headband Lightning_Headband.gif 828
Mage Hat Mage_Hat.gif 7992
Magician Hat Magician_Hat.gif 3573
Magma Monocle Magma_Monocle.gif 827
Mighty Helm of Green Sparks Mighty_Helm_of_Green_Sparks.gif 0
Mining Helmet Mining_Helmet.gif 875
Mystic Turban Mystic_Turban.gif 3574
Odd Hat Odd_Hat.gif 0
Pair of Earmuffs Pair_of_Earmuffs.gif 7459
Party Hat Party_Hat.gif 6578
Pirate Hat Pirate_Hat.gif 6096
Post Officer's Hat Post_Officer%27s_Hat.gif 3576
Ragnir Helmet Ragnir_Helmet.gif 7462
Royal Helmet Royal_Helmet.gif 3392
Santa Hat Santa_Hat.gif 6531
Skull Helmet Skull_Helmet.gif 5741
Soldier Helmet Soldier_Helmet.gif 3375
Steel Helmet Steel_Helmet.gif 3351
Strange Helmet Strange_Helmet.gif 3373
Studded Helmet Studded_Helmet.gif 3376
Terra Hood Terra_Hood.gif 830
Tribal Mask Tribal_Mask.gif 3403
Viking Helmet Viking_Helmet.gif 3367
Warrior Helmet Warrior_Helmet.gif 3369
Witch Hat Witch_Hat.gif 9653
Yalahari Mask Yalahari_Mask.gif 8864
Zaoan Helmet Zaoan_Helmet.gif 10385