Mostly used by paladins, because of their quick advances in Distance Fighting.

Crossbows and bows are unique because they cannot be used by themselves. They require Ammunition to cause damage.

Name Image ID
Arbalest Arbalest.gif 5803
Assassin Star Assassin_Star.gif 7368
Bow Bow.gif 3350
Chain Bolter Chain_Bolter.gif 0
Composite Bow Composite_Hornbow.gif 0
Elvish Bow Elvish_Bow.gif 0
Enchanted Spear Enchanted_Spear.gif 7367
Hunting Spear Hunting_Spear.gif 3347
Modified Crossbow Modified_Crossbow.gif 8021
Musician's Bow Musician%27s_Bow.gif
Royal Crossbow Royal_Crossbow.gif 8023
Royal Spear Royal_Spear.gif 7378
Silkweaver Bow Silkweaver_Bow.gif
Small Stone Small_Stone.gif 1781
Snowball Snowball.gif 2992
Spear Spear.gif 3277
The Devileye The_Devileye.gif
The Ironworker The_Ironworker.gif
Throwing Knife Throwing_Knife.gif 3298
Throwing Star Throwing_Star.gif
Viper Star Viper_Star.gif
Warsinger Bow Warsinger_Bow.gif 8026