Creature Products are items that are either part of a deceased creature (Bat Wing, Green Dragon Scale, etc.), are produced by acreature (Honeycomb, Tortoise Egg, etc.) or are part of their outfit or equipment (Cultish Robe, Dark Rosary, etc.).

Name Image ID
Acorn Acorn.gif 10296
Ancient Stone Ancient_Stone.gif 9632
Antlers Antlers.gif 10297
Ape Fur Ape_Fur.gif 5883
Badger Fur Badger_Fur.gif 10299
Bat Wing Bat_Wing.gif 5894
Bear Paw Bear_Paw.gif 5896
Behemoth Claw Behemoth_Claw.gif 5930
Beholder Eye Beholder_Eye.gif 5898
Black Hood Black_Hood.gif 9645
Bloody Pincers Bloody_Pincers.gif 9633
Boggy Dreads Boggy_Dreads.gif 9667
Bone Shoulderplate Bone_Shoulderplate.gif 10404
Bony Tail Bony_Tail.gif 10277
Book of Necromantic Rituals Book_of_Necromantic_Rituals.gif 10320
Book of Prayers Book_of_Prayers.gif 9646
Broken Gladiator Shield Broken_Gladiator_Shield.gif 9656
Broken Halberd Broken_Halberd.gif 10418
Bunch of Troll Hair Bunch_of_Troll_Hair.gif 9689
Bundle of Cursed Straw Bundle_of_Cursed_Straw.gif 9688
Carniphila Seeds Carniphila_Seeds.gif 10300
Carrion Worm Fang Carrion_Worm_Fang.gif 10275
Centipede Leg Centipede_Leg.gif 10301
Chicken Feather Chicken_Feather.gif 5890
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn' Claw_of_%27The_Noxious_Spawn%27.gif
Cobra Tongue Cobra_Tongue.gif 9634
Cockroach Leg Cockroach_Leg.gif
Compass Compass.gif 10302
Corrupted Flag Corrupted_Flag.gif 10409
Crab Pincers Crab_Pincers.gif 10272
Cultish Mask Cultish_Mask.gif 9638
Cultish Robe Cultish_Robe.gif 9639
Cursed Shoulder Spikes Cursed_Shoulder_Spikes.gif 10410
Cyclops Toe Cyclops_Toe.gif 9657
Dark Rosary Dark_Rosary.gif 10303
Demon Dust Demon_Dust.gif 5906
Demon Horn Demon_Horn.gif 5954
Demonic Skeletal Hand Demonic_Skeletal_Hand.gif 9647
Dracola's Eye Dracola%27s_Eye.gif 6546
Dragon Claw Dragon_Claw.gif 5919
Dragon Priest's Wandtip Dragon_Priest%27s_Wandtip.gif
Dwarven Beard Dwarven_Beard.gif
Egg of the Many Egg_of_the_Many.gif
Elder Beholder Tentacle Elder_Beholder_Tentacle.gif 10276
Elvish Talisman Elvish_Talisman.gif 9635
Essence of a Bad Dream Essence_of_a_Bad_Dream.gif 10306
Fiery Hearth Fiery_Heart.gif 9636
Fish Fin Fish_Fin.gif 5895
Frost Giant Pelt Frost_Giant_Pelt.gif 9658
Frosty Ear of a Troll Frosty_Ear_of_a_Troll.gif 9648
Frosty Hearth Frosty_Heart.gif 9661
Gauze Bandage Gauze_Bandage.gif 9649
Gear Crystal Gear_Crystal.gif 9655
Ghastly Dragon Head Ghastly_Dragon_Head.gif 10449
Ghostly Tissue Ghostly_Tissue.gif 9690
Giant Eye Giant_Eye.gif 10280
Gland Gland.gif
Glob of Acid Slime Glob_of_Acid_Slime.gif
Glob of Mercury Glob_of_Mercury.gif
Glob of Tar Glob_of_Tar.gif
Green Dragon Leather Green_Dragon_Leather.gif 5877
Green Dragon Scale Green_Dragon_Scale.gif 5920
Half-Digested Piece of Meat Half-Digested_Piece_of_Meat.gif 10283
Half-Eaten Brain Half-Eaten_Brain.gif 9659
Hardened Bone Hardened_Bone.gif 5925
Haunted Piece of Wood Haunted_Piece_of_Wood.gif 9683
Hellhound Slobber Hellhound_Slobber.gif 9637
Hellspawn Tail Hellspawn_Tail.gif 10304
High Guard Flag High_Guard_Flag.gif 10415
High Guard Shoulderplates High_Guard_Shoulderplates.gif 10416
Honeycomb Honeycomb.gif 5902
Hydra Egg Hydra_Egg.gif
Hydra Head Hydra_Head.gif 10282
Lancer Beetle Shell Lancer_Beetle_Shell.gif 10455
Legionnaire Flags Legionnaire_Flags.gif 10417
Lion's Mane Lion%27s_Mane.gif 9691
Lizard Leather Lizard_Leather.gif 5876
Lizard Scale Lizard_Scale.gif 5881
Lump of Dirth Lump_of_Dirt.gif 9692
Lump of Earth Lump_of_Earth.gif 10305
Mammoth Tusk Mammoth_Tusk.gif 10321
Metal Spike Metal_Spike.gif 10298
Minotaur Leather Minotaur_Leather.gif 5878
Morgaroth's Heart Morgaroth%27s_Heart.gif
Mutated Bat Ear Mutated_Bat_Ear.gif 9662
Mutated Flesh Mutated_Flesh.gif 10308
Mutated Rat Tail Mutated_Rat_Tail.gif 9668
Mystical Hourglass Mystical_Hourglass.gif 9660
Nettle Blossom Nettle_Blossom.gif 10314
Orc Tooth Orc_Tooth.gif 10196
Orc Tusk Orc_Tusk.gif
Orshabaal's Brain Orshabaal%27s_Brain.gif
Perfect Behemoth Fang Perfect_Behemoth_Fang.gif 5893
Petrified Scream Petrified_Scream.gif 10420
Piece of Crocodile Leather Piece_of_Crocodile_Leather.gif 10279
Piece of Dead Brain Piece_of_Dead_Brain.gif 9663
Piece of Hellfire Armor Piece_of_Hellfire_Armor.gif 9664
Piece of Massacre's Shell Piece_of_Massacre%27s_Shell.gif
Piece of Scarab Shell Piece_of_Scarab_Shell.gif 9641
Pig Foot Pig_Foot.gif 9693
Poisonous Slime Poisonous_Slime.gif 9640
Polar Bear Paw Polar_Bear_Paw.gif 9650
Red Dragon Leather Red_Dragon_Leather.gif 5948
Red Dragon Scale Red_Dragon_Scale.gif 5882
Red Lantern Red_Lantern.gif 10289
Rotten Piece of Cloth Rotten_Piece_of_Cloth.gif 10291
Sabretooth Sabretooth.gif 10311
Sandcrawler Shell Sandcrawler_Shell.gif 10456
Scarab Pincers Scarab_Pincers.gif 9631
Scorpion Tail Scorpion_Tail.gif 9651
Scythe Leg Scythe_Leg.gif 10312
Sea Serpent Scale Sea_Serpent_Scale.gif 9666
Shaggy Tail Shaggy_Tail.gif 10407
Shard Shard.gif 7290
Shiny Stone Shiny_Stone.gif 10310
Silky Fur Silky_Fur.gif 10292
Skunk Tail Skunk_Tail.gif 10274
Snake Skin Snake_Skin.gif 9694
Spider Fangs Spider_Fangs.gif 8031
Spider Silk Spider_Silk.gif 5879
Spiked Iron Ball Spiked_Iron_Ball.gif 10408
Spooky Blue Eye Spooky_Blue_Eye.gif 9642
Stone Wing Stone_Wing.gif 10278
Strand of Medusa Hair Strand_of_Medusa_Hair.gif 10309
Striped Fur Striped_Fur.gif 10293
Sulphurous Stone Sulphurous_Stone.gif 10315
Swamp Grass Swamp_Grass.gif 9686
Tarantula Egg Tarantula_Egg.gif 10281
Tattered Piece of Robe Tattered_Piece_of_Robe.gif 9684
Technomancer Beard Technomancer_Beard.gif
Terramite Legs Terramite_Legs.gif 10454
Terramite Shell Terramite_Shell.gif 10452
Terrorbird Beak Terrorbird_Beak.gif 10273
The Plasmother's Remains The_Plasmother%27s_Remains.gif
Thick Fur Thick_Fur.gif 10307
Thorn Thorn.gif 9643
Turtle Shell Turtle_Shell.gif 5899
Tusk Tusk.gif
Undead Heart Undead_Heart.gif 10450
Unholy Bone Unholy_Bone.gif 10316
Vampire Dust Vampire_Dust.gif 5905
Vampire Teeth Vampire_Teeth.gif 9685
War Crystal War_Crystal.gif 9654
Warmaster's Wristguards Warmaster%27s_Wristguards.gif 10405
Warwolf Fur Warwolf_Fur.gif 10318
Weaver's Wandtip Weaver%27s_Wandtip.gif 10397
Werewolf Fur Werewolf_Fur.gif 10317
Widow's Mandibless Widow%27s_Mandibles.gif 10411
Winged Tail Winged_Tail.gif 10313
Winter Wolf Fur Winter_Wolf_Fur.gif 10295
Witch Broom Witch_Broom.gif 9652
Wolf Paw Wolf_Paw.gif 5897
Wood Wood.gif 5901
Wool Wool.gif 10319
Wyrm Scale Wyrm_Scale.gif 9665
Wyvern Talisman Wyvern_Talisman.gif 9644
Zaogun Flag Zaogun_Flag.gif 10413
Zaogun's Shoulderplates Zaogun%27s_Shoulderplates.gif 10414