Due to the few types of boots out there and the rarity of creatures dropping them they can be very expensive. Leather Boots can be found in great abundance, but anything (including Crocodile Boots) except sandals will cost a lot more. I.e. when the Tiquanda update came around in 2005 crocodile boots were priced at around 15k - and nowadays are sold for around 1k.

The strongest boots are the Golden Boots, but most people use Boots of Haste (BoH). A favorite method amongst high level knights is to carry Steel Boots around with them to slip on instead of Boots of Haste when they fight fierce monsters. Also, nowadays Soft Boots is also carried around as a good item for mana and health regeneration, mostly used by high levels.

Name Image ID
Boots of Haste Boots_of_Haste.gif 3079
Bunnyslippers Bunnyslippers.gif 3553
Coconut Shoes Coconut_Shoes.gif 9017
Crocodile Boots Crocodile_Boots.gif 3556
Crystal Boots Crystal_Boots.gif 10200
Dragon Scale Boots Dragon_Scale_Boots.gif 10201
Firewalker Boots Firewalker_Boots.gif 9019
Firewalker Boots (Activated) 9018
Fur Boots Fur_Boots.gif 7457
Glacier Shoes Glacier_Shoes.gif 819
Golden Boots Golden_Boots.gif 3555
Guardian Boots Guardian_Boots.gif 10323
Leather Boots Leather_Boots.gif 3552
Lightning Boots Lightning_Boots.gif 820
Magma Boots Magma_Boots.gif 818
Pair of Soft Boots Pair_of_Soft_Boots.gif 6529
Soft Boots (Activated) 3549
Pirate Boots Pirate_Boots.gif 5461
Sandals Sandals.gif 3551
Steel Boots Steel_Boots.gif 3554
Terra Boots Terra_Boots.gif 813
Worn Firewalker Boots Worn_Firewalker_Boots.gif 9020
Worn Soft Boots Worn_Soft_Boots.gif 6530

Zaoan Shoes

Zaoan_Shoes.gif 10386