Amulets and necklaces are similar to rings in that some of them have a magical effect upon the wearer, but others are merely for decoration. Most necklaces are for decoration, while amulets will generally affect the user in some way.

Name Image ID
Crystal Necklace Crystal_Necklace.gif 3008
Ruby Necklace Ruby_Necklace.gif 3016
Silver Necklace Silver_Necklace.gif 3015
Wolf Tooth Chain Wolf_Tooth_Chain.gif
Dragon Necklace Dragon_Necklace.gif 3085
Garlic Necklace Garlic_Necklace.gif 3083
Ancient Amulet Ancient_Amulet.gif 3025
Demonbone Amulet Demonbone_Amulet.gif 3019
Golden Amulet Golden_Amulet.gif 3013
Scarab Amulet Scarab_Amulet.gif 3018
Star Amulet Star_Amulet.gif 3014
Platinum Amulet Platinum_Amulet.gif 3055
Scarf Scarf.gif
Amulet of Loss Amulet_of_Loss.gif 3057
Bronze Amulet Bronze_Amulet.gif 3056
Elven Amulet Elven_Amulet.gif 3082
Glacier Amulet Glacier_Amulet.gif 815
Koshei's Ancient Amulet Koshei%27s_Ancient_Amulet.gif 7532
Leviathan's Amulet Leviathan%27s_Amulet.gif
Lightning Pendant Lightning_Pendant.gif
Magma Amulet Magma_Amulet.gif
Protection Amulet Protection_Amulet.gif 3084
Sacred Tree Amulet Sacred_Tree_Amulet.gif
Shockwave Amulet Shockwave_Amulet.gif
Silver Amulet Silver_Amulet.gif 3054
Stone Skin Amulet Stone_Skin_Amulet.gif 3081
Strange Talisman Strange_Talisman.gif 3045
Terra Amulet Terra_Amulet.gif